Startup and main loop

Banshee is started through the Application interface.

// Start an application in windowed mode using 1280x720 resolution
VideoMode(1280, 720), // Window resolution
"My app", // Window title
false); // True for fullscreen, false for windowed
// Set up your scene here

Start up

Application::startUp expects you to provide the resolution for the primary application window, its title and a couple of optional parameters.

Advanced: You can perform a more customized startup by filling out the START_UP_DESC structure and passing it to Application::startUp.

Main loop

Following start-up we run the main game loop by calling Application::runMainLoop. This is where your game runs, where every frame is updated and rendered.

Shut down

Finally, when the user decides to close the application and the main loop exits, we wish to clean up the application by calling Application::shutDown.

Scene setup

You are expected to perform initial scene setup in-between the Application::startUp and Application::runMainLoop, as we will demonstrate later.